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It will come if you wait

June 14, 2009

I sent a card to a little boy in my son’s soccer team last week because he was so upset about letting some goals in and he was only 7 years old.  So my son and I each made a card and sent it.  Thinking it would brighten his day. 

Went to their soccer game just went and the mother came up and gave me a HUGE hug and said that it brightened her son’s day and hers because she was worried he was going to leave soccer. 

So after the game she came up to me and asked if I had hand drawn the stamp (as I had put her son’s name up the side of the stamp) and I said no I stamped it she said Wow we were looking at it and was amazed at the card.  Then my son said to her “my mum has a business making cards, invitations and has a sign on her  car” OMG I could have kissed him.  She asked me more and I said that I do party plans and teach people how to make cards etc and said “well if you want to come to my party in a couple of weeks you are welcome” She said no I want a party of my own.  I could have been blown away and said yes I would love to do that. 

Wohoooo my theory of going with the flow and it will happen happened.

I am soooo happy that I am in SU.

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